Why Raw Pet Food?

Because you want your pet to live the longest, healthiest life possible. It is what our carniverous pets have evolved to eat. No man-made diet can hope to compete with fresh, natural food.

Dogs that have been switched to raw diets typically have more energy and endurance than before, but are calmer and easier to train!

Other Benefits Include:
  • Shinier healthier looking coat
  • Healthier looking gums and teeth
  • Firmer and smaller looking stools
owner's dog

Raw fed pup: Treu

Josie the dog

NatuRAWLS Spokesdog: Josie

owner's dog

Raw fed pup: Treu

Josie the dog

NatuRAWLS Spokesdog: Josie

All of our dog diets are a single meat protein - mix and match so your companion can enjoy a variety of meals

Our cat diets contain a small amount of trout for those finicky felines.

  • 70% Lean Muscle Meats
  • 10% Bone
  • 10% Organ Meats
  • 10% Vegetable and Fruit
Muscle Meat

We use only meats that are government inspected for human consumption. Feed lean muscle meat from a variety of sources such as Beef, Lamb, Venison, Chicken, Duck and Turkey.

Organ Meats and Organs

An important part of a raw diet. Liver, Kidney and Spleen, in particular, are nutrient-dense and provide a great deal of nutritional value. These foods should make up about 10% of the total diet.


In order to be optimally healthy your petís body requires nutrients, specifically calcium and phosphorous, that are provided by bones.

Vegetables and Fruit

Chickpea, Carrot, Squash, Green Bean, Cranberry, Blueberry, Apple Cider Vinegar and Alfalfa - pureed into the mix for best absorption.

- Carrots are a good source of vitamins and minerals to help support the immune system and the digestive system. They may also support proper skin and eye health.

- Chickpeas are a natural source of protein and fibre.

- Squash is high in Vitamin-C and is full of fibre, Vitamin-A and potassium. Vitamin- C helps boost your dogís immune system while Vitamin-A helps with vision health.

- Green beans are rich in Vitamin-K which aids in speeding up healing by stimulating blood clotting. Vitamin-K also enhances absorption of calcium. Green beans are also rich in manganese which helps to absorb other nutrients such as Vitamins B, E and the mineral magnesium.  They are also packed with Vitamin-A which is a powerful antioxidant. Green beans are also abundant in dietary fibre which can add bulk to stools, making them easier to pass. The fibre in green beans can also help with regulation of sugar in the bloodstream. This makes an excellent addition to the raw diet.

- Cranberries have many health benefits for dogs.  The are rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, C and many more nutrients.  They are full of minerals and antioxidants. Cranberries are an excellent supplement to your dogís diet for the promotion of urinary tract health.

- Blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, selenium, zinc and iron and are high in Vitamins C, E, A and B complex.

- Apple cider vinegar helps to maintain proper acid/alkaline balance in the body.

- Alfalfa is a rich source of vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, beta- carotene, Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B12, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E and Vitamin-K.

Switching to Raw

Most dogs will immediately take to this diet without any issues.  If they are hesitant at first, leave the food down for fifteen minutes. If still untouched, put it in the refrigerator and try again later.

When switching a cat to a raw diet, start by feeding a good quality canned food and slowly, each day, mix in an increasing amount of raw food until, over a period of 7 to 10 days, your cat is completely on raw. It is important to never let your cat miss a meal.

Raw Food Feeding Guide

To calculate how much to feed your pet, use this formula:

(the weight of your pet) x (the percentage that applies) = amount to feed your pet per day

  • 2% of ideal adult body weight for adult dogs over 2
  • 2.5% for adult cats
  • 3% for active dogs and small breed dogs
  • 3.5% or more for an underweight dog
  • 3% of ideal adult body weight for puppies and lactating females

for an adult dog with an ideal body weight of 25 pounds (or 11 kg):

25 x .02 = .5 pounds   or   11 kg x .02 = .22 kg

This is only a guideline.
Each pet's requirements may vary.

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